You need a Stable Board

Your board, like any other area in your organisation will need to replace or add new members; how you go about finding the right person, introducing them and helping them in their role will have an impact on how they do their ‘job’ and how long they’ll stay.

Like any other function in any organisation, a position description should be put together; outlining what the role is. From this you can’t write a person description, what type of person best suits the role – experience, contacts, abilities; what do they have to have?

Once you have done that, it’s time to start looking; your networks are the first place you should start. Ask around, someone knows someone.

And, like any other role you need to:

Introduce them to the organisation, whether this is possible face-to-face or through other means; ensure they are properly introduced.

Induct them into the organisation, explain the role and all expectations; meeting attendance, availability to attend events etc.

Bring them up-to-date, make sure make the time to tell them where things are at, mid-term goals etc; this will help them hit the ground running.

Some organisation team up a mentor, someone who has experience in the functions of the board and organisation; this is something worth considering especially in larger organisations.

Like all other roles in your organisation, you should be conducting reviews; these are an opportunity for two-way feedback on how the board member is doing, what their take on the role is, and what future plans, goals.

Keep all board members active, involved and encouraged to be part of the organisation; if you want to have a high turnover rate anywhere in the organisation, ignore their views, bore them with aimless tasks and ineffective meetings.

How do you manage new board members? Do you follow the above?

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Your board and trustees should be working

You have a board, you have trustees – who among them are working, or are they only there as figureheads, people to steer the organization and ensure the smooth operation (and legal compliance) of the organization?

Where possible board members and trustees should be doing their part to raise the profile of the organization, they should also be helping to raise funds.

Too often we hear of this group saying things like ‘we work hard, we give our time’ – sorry but time doesn’t always equate to money – but it could.

Your board and trustees could be connecting with people in their external networks to talk about the work of the organization, what it does, why it does what it does and how people can help it achieve its goals.

We all know it takes relationships to build and strengthen an organization and it’s likely board/trustees have some strong relationships in the community. If they were to tap into this – using their clout to help raise profile and funds, it would make it easier for your organization to do what it does – and it would also show to others in the organization (staff) that they (board/trustees) are more than figureheads.

Your board/trustees could be doing all manner of thing in the community:

  • Visiting business groups and talking about the role of your organization (Rotary, Lions, Chamber of Commerce)
  • Talking to business colleagues about the organization and how business can be involved 
  • Attending (and paying) all organization events, bringing along colleagues and friends
  • Running events – using their business connections to host events that will benefit the organization

Are your board/trustees actively working to help the organization – what are they doing, please share how they help and what happened to get them more involved.