Recruitment Challenges, there’s a shortage …

Came across New Zealand’s shortage of fundraisers. A recruiter’s view on Saturn Group’s website.

We all know there’s shortages of skilled people across many sectors, we almost hear it daily; but we seldom hear about the shortage of skilled fundraisers.

Have a read of New Zealand’s shortage of fundraisers. A recruiter’s view, to understand what’s happening.

Recruiting staff – what do you ask … ?

Almost all employment processes include checking name, date of birth, address, employment history and, of course reference checks. There’s also the usual interview questions about goals and aspirations, what the applicant likes and doesn’t like in a role, what their greatest achievement has been – all the “usual”.

But, what questioning is done around why the applicant really wants the job, what they feel about the sector, what organisations (if any) they support and why?

If you’re looking for someone who “fits” your organization, surely you’d want to know that they are to some degree philanthropic, community minded at least.

Sure there might be some casual conversation around community, nonprofits etc, but wouldn’t it be better if applicants were asked outright about their involvement etc in the community?

Yes, some applicants will be people who have or are currently working in the community, so there’s a given that they do have some “involvement”, but simply working for a community organization doesn’t mean the person is “community minded.”

So, next time you’re conducting interviews – ask “are there organizations you support in the community?” – “what organizations do you support?”