No Audited Accounts

Any New Zealand organisation registered with Charity Services must provide an annual return, which among other things outlines income and expenditure for the previous period. Most organisations provide this information in a timely manner, but there are others who delay, delay and delay some more.

What’s more there are some who don’t have their annual accounts audited, not just for one year but almost never.

Sure, it’s their ”right” to elect to have accounts audited or not, but does this have the potential to cast doubt over the authenticity, credibility of the organisation?

Would seeing an organisation you have a connection with not furnishing their returns in a timely manner and not providing audited accounts make you think twice about donated your hard earned money?

Should there be a limit on how many years an organisation canget away without providing audited accounts?

Does your organisation ”vote” not to provide full audited accounts, has this had any impact on the way you are perceived by supporters? Has it impacted on the level of grants, sponsorships etc that you may have tried to obtain?

I’d be keen to hear your stories, experiences.