There’s an abundance of non  profits in New Zealand, something on the lines of 26,000 registered charities, organisations could face support, funding and delivery issues unless there’s more collaboration.

Unless organisations collaborate there is a risk some organisations will cease to exist. There’s only so much people can give, both individuals, business and funding bodies; so just on a funding basis collaboration is needed.

I recall somewhere seeing a stat that there’s something like 170 or so people for every charity in the country (New Zealand). This would suggest that they way charities operate as standalone entities probably isn’t sustainable indefinitely.

If organisations with similar missions, clients, beneficiaries worked alongside one another, looked at merging or simply worked collaborately there would be shared resources, reduced costs, taking some of the financial risks away.

But, collaboration would also allow for people of like minds to share experiences, offer guidance and perhaps become mentors for others less experienced in the non profit space; all of which would help with the sustainability of non profits.

As anyone in the non profit sector knows funding is one of the biggest challenges beng faced by many organisations and, with collaboration, rationalisation of organisations their is likely to be organisations looking to either downsize or close.

I’ve talked before about the struggle for funding, the Mr and Mrs Public are looking at their giving, grants and other funding is competitive, so organisations are needing to look at other income sources.

If organisations collaborated, shared space it would allow for funds to be directed to the services being provided, instead of being abosorbed in running costs. The more money that can be saved from adminstrative, operational costs means more can be done to help those that organisations are established to help.

Would your organisation benefit from working closer with others doing the same or similar activities as you?

Imagine a win-win, where resources were shared, ideas shared, where you could learn from one another, and at the same time have reduced overheads. Wouldn’t this benefit everyone, you and those you’re established to help?

What would have to happen for your organisation to collaborate and look at merging with another?

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