That rattling sound we often hear as we walk along the street, the jingle of coins in a bucket as charities strive to gain support could be gone in a few years.

A recent article on Radio NZ shows that people aren’t carrying as much cash as they used to, well, we know that ourselves we’re moving to cashless transactions more and more; but what will this mean for the street collector.

There have been those who have trialled mobile eftpos, but as this can be costly and slow for people giving organisations appear to by shying away from this. But, perhaps with pay n wave techonolgy this could we might see others trialling it.

Mobile apps have been around to help gather immediate donations, but again these have been seen to be cumbersome.

I don’t think we have seen the end of the street collector, what we will likely see if more booth like collection points (Para Olympics use a booth in some places), these will give people the chance to stop, talk and learn while also subscribing to regular giving.

But, there will always be a place for the bucket, and it’s only a matter of time before we see the technology that will enable quick donations being made either with eftpos or account-to-account transactions.

If your organisation is currently doing bucket collections, have you seen a drop off in donations and, have you looked at adapting, changing the way you will do street collections?

Give to charity, have you stopped giving on the street?

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