Who in your organisation is watching what’s happening in the community, particularly in the area your organisation works in?

It is surprising to hear from people employed in some organisations say “It’s not my job to look at what’s happening”.

I would have thought, like others in any role that staff in general would have some interest in knowing what others are doing, what’s in the news and what people are talking about on social media.

If staff are truly engaged with what the organisation they work with then, surely they would have an interest in what is happening in the sector, what people are talking about and more.

Are you encouraging your staff to look and learn?

When people work in fashion, they show an interest in what’s happening, what the trends are; it should be the same with your staff.

If your staff (you) aren’t interested in the bigger picture, it could be seen that they perhaps are only interested in the pay cheque; hopefully I’m wrong about this, but from what I’ve seen and heard lately I think I maybe right – I’m happy to be proven wrong.

I’ve previously written on topics such as:

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And think it’s timely to start the conversation, again, about having a team of people in your organisation, who do more than just go through the motion of raising funds; they need to be engaged with the organisation, they need to be interested in the bigger picture. If they’re not then you could be missing out on opportunities.

What are you doing to get your staff engaged, what could you be doing differently to get them engaged?

Do you talk with your staff about the bigger picture, about what’s happening, do you share relevant articles you come across; are you even reading them yourself?

I’d be keen to know what happens in your organisation, please let me know in the comments below.

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