Negative feedback about staff interaction with donors can impact on the reputation of your organisation, how do you deal with it?

Every now and then someone doing work for your organisation may say or do something that causes donors to be left with a sour taste in their mouth.

How this is dealt with by you is important, you need to retain supporters and the best way to do this when someone upsets them, is to let the supporter know that you hear what they are saying, that you will talk to the staff member about their actions and that you will let the supporter know what action you have taken.

It doesn’t matter how long or the value of support you receive from a supporter, they are all equal and should be treated as such, respect is universal.

It’s important to remember that any sour taste left in the mouth of a supporter will soon spread, they will talk with family, friends and colleagues about the treatment they received. This could put others off supporting your cause.

It’s hard enough as it is gaining and maintaining support, you can’t afford to lose supporters.

Perhaps the errant staff member needs some time out, retraining in communicating with supporters, whatever cause of action you take ensure it is followed up on, that the staff member is monitored.

Have you had a bad experience where a staff member has caused issues for your organisation – how did you handle it?

If you’ve had a bad experience with someone from an organisation you support, did you tell the organisation about it, or did you walk away from the organisation?

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