Do the Board, Trustees of your organisation monitor, or at the very least notice when other organisations working in the same area are doing something … e.g. Do they notice whats being said in the news, in advertisements (radio, TV) or on billboards?

If they’re not, how can they know what they’re up against?
All staff, it doesn’t matter where they are in an organisation, shoulf be aware of what’s happening, it’s almost a responsibility.

Market intelligence is important, no matter if you’re a non-profit, charity or a commercial entity.

Knowing what others are doing will help regig, defer or cancel a planned campaign. No two organisations can be running the same type of campaign, at the same time, and expect great results; so it’s important to know what others are doing. If you don’t know, you could be running the risk of wasting resources, time, money and yes, energy; energy that could you could be putting into something to counter what others are doing.

Large organisations may have the resources to expend on media monitoring, but smaller ones simply can’t. And, that’s where instilling in all staff the importance for them to bring attention to anything other organisations may be doing that could have an impact.

Do you, or does the organisation you work with monitor what others are
doing? If not, why not?

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