When you receive an automated call from a charity, how does it make you feel? Some may say it’s ok, that it’s good use of technology, others may say it’s icky.

Having missed several calls from the same charity using an automated system, I listened carefully to the message that was left “You have previously shown interested in XYZ, if you no longer wish to receive calls from us, please press 1.”

Ok, that seems like a fair thing for an automated message system; but, how many people are “unsubscribing” who would otherwise continue to support, simply because the only options are to either ignore the message and do nothing or, take the easy way and press 1?

I’m sure there is a high risk that this, and any other charities using this system will find that they are losing valued donors.

I didn’t notice anything in the call that said how I could press an alternative number to make a donation; an option I think would make sense to have.

When this charity phoned the next time, the person wasn’t aware of the automated system, which I felt sure they would. The callers for any charity are typically on the front line, they are the people who donors have the most contact with; so surely it would make sense for them to have knowledge of what systems were being used.

Are you a charity who uses this type of system, is it beneficial or are you noticing that you’re losing donors though its use?

If you donate to charities, what reaction would you have to automated calls?

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