It’s not all about you – it’s about your donor. The donor is king, without them you have a hole in your income.

How you communicate is important, they want to know that they are making a difference, that their support is what enables your organisation to do.

Tell your donors the good things their support has enabled, donors like to know the good things their support has enabled.

It could be said that boasting only about what you have achieved can make donors think “well, if you’re that good why do you need me …”

Saying things like “You have enabled us to … ” makes donors feel that their support is making a difference. Whereas, “We did blah blah …” has the potential to have the reverse effect.

The next time you plan donor communications – remember to put your donor first, tell them what they have done.

You’ll gain more if your donor is the centre of attention.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Centre of Attention – You or Your Donor

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