Shops, restaurants, cafes all have customer loyalty programmes – why, because they (loyalty programmes) encourage regular patronage.

Charities should be embracing regular giving, why, because it cost effective, easy to manage for donor and charity, help with financial forecasting.

More typically, people have recall of larger organisation who have regular giving programmes, think World Vision, UNICEF, Save the Children; but in reality any organisation no matter its size can run a regular giving programme.

Don’t just set up a regular giving programme, you still need to plan how you will run it, the communications that will tie into it, how you will allow giving to be made; it’s no different to planning anything else.

Some thing to consider:

1.     Who will you invite

Not everyone in your database is suited to regular giving, some organisation prefer to use regular giving to reignite ‘dormant’, ‘delinquent’ donors.

However, it is a lot easier and gain regular giving pledges from supporters who give regularly.

Look at your donors who make their donation by credit card first, they’re more likely to take it up. But, don’t forget those who give by cheque, they can still be enticed to join your regular giving programm

2.    Make it easy

Promote your regular giving programme at every opportunity.

Have a prominent link on your website, talk about your regular giving programme in donor updates, invite donors to join your programme through messages on receipts and in annual updates.

3.    Have a clear message

Why would people want to sign up to your regular giving programme?

Give a clear message as to the benefits of regular giving, the donors and your organisation.

The simple message to donors is that it makes it easier for them to give.

Be upfront and let donors know that regular giving makes for easier financial management and that it helps reduce administration and fundraising costs.

Don’t forget to make sure your regular donors are being giving regular updates as to how they are helping.

4.    Points to consider

  • When will be the best time to receive regular giving pledges?
  • How can regular giving pledges be made?
  • Communicating, how will you communicate with those in your regular giving programme?
  • Receipts; will these be sent for each donation or will you have the ability to send an annual receipt?


Do you have a regular giving programme, what are the benefits you are seeing from it?

Is regular giving helping with donor retention?

Are you part of a regular giving programme with the organisations you support?


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