Much of the giving done by businesses isn’t planned, it is in the main part just giving as approached with no clear direction, no commitment for the long haul.

Businesses seem to use the “Spray and Walk Away” approach; quite possibly as a quick way to give back but with little thought about how they could be doing more with the same amount of support.

Business giving can build stronger communities, and it’s in this vane of thinking that business should give strategically – but before any business gives it would make sense to encourage input from internal stakeholders – employees should be part of the decision making process.

With strategic giving, a business could do more with their charitable contributions. Instead of $50 here and there, a business could combine their annual giving “budget” to make one or several larger contributions that could well do more for the organisation/s.

When a business gives lots of smaller amounts, they are doing good, but could be doing more (and do it better) if they sat down and spent some time to evaluate where their charitable passions lie.

Any business needs to be strategic with their business giving, and we need to all remember that not all business giving is truly just because it is the right thing to do, a lot of business giving is strategic in that it’s aimed to also satisfy business needs – it’s planned.

Some, not all businesses, give as a way to promote the business, to gain new business opportunities and to be seen as being philanthropic.

No matter why a business gives, it is important to think how it can give in a better, more targeted way.

Make a decision where you want to give

Do you wan to give locally, nationally or internationally

What age group, younger customers and staff could mean a youth based organisation

Staff, have you had staff affected by something

Ask, ask, ask – your staff and customers should all be part of the decision making process. Think Z with their “token campaigns


Create a list of organisations that best match your criteria

Talk with your shortlisted organisations about what you can best do for them

Again, talk with your staff about the shortlisted organisations – are your staff still onboard?

Be part of it

Want to make in impact – show it

Don’t just make staff attend – get involved yourself

Think that t-shirt is too much for you – think again – lead from the outset.


If you’re still unsure about how you are best to give – talk to others in your industry, talk to more clients – you will find the right match, often it’s staring people in the face.

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