After I posted “WINZ not doing it’s job” a few people got in touch to say that WINZ had suggested that while looking for work that they do some volunteer work in the community.

Great idea.

We can all do something more in the community.

One person said that when they approached a community organisation and said that they were currently looking for work and on the jobseekers allowance; the organisation said something on the lines of – oh, we need dedicated people, people who can commit to x hours a week … we can’t have people coming and going when they feel like it.

Yes, organisations need to know what their staffing levels are, no different to how a commercial enterprise. But, this situations does make me wonder if organisations and WINZ are in dialogue, whether WINZ has a handle on the needs of organisations in the community.

If WINZ don’t know the needs and expectations of community groups, then they could be causing undue pressure on them, and yes, to the “client” (beneficiary) trying to do what WINZ are suggesting.

One thought on “Volunteering – a WINZ Option

  1. Agree totally and to get engagement why not no volunteer, no money? Plenty of people who know how to play the game at WINZ and seem to make a living off playing the game. Volunteering including community work to help clean graffiti etc could be good incentive to get these few focused on actually getting work.

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