Does your Board expect to be paid?

Sometime ago I wrote Your board and trustees should be working but after some recent discussions I thought it worthwhile revisiting this topic.

Board members and Trustees are normally in their roles because they believe in the work of the organisation, they have some form of interest in the services provided, be it from a personal situation, or simply because they want to help make a change.

When opportunities arise for organisations to speak to community groups one would have thought that these people would be all too willing to put their hand up and say “I’ll do it”.

To hear that there is an expectation from these types of people that they be paid something for the time it takes them to prepare and to speak is, in my mind, ludicrous and, perhaps even selfish.

If your organisation were offered the opportunity to speak to a community organisation about the work you’re doing – would you people expect to be paid, or would you see this as an opportunity to promote and perhaps receive some support you may not have gained otherwise?