Facebook Marketing

Another good read – if you haven’t thought about your Facebook marketing for the coming year (and beyond) now’s the time to start – a quick read of Facebook Marketing Checklist for this Year and Beyond and you’ll soon be sorting out what you need and want to do.

Facebook marketing is a mystery to many businesses and professionals. Facebook is a seemingly unending portal of business opportunities. Yet, if you’ve left your brand’s Facebook presence unattended for a while, you are well aware just how quickly your brand can become lost in the sea of information and conversation on the world’s largest social media platform. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of social media, just read on, because I’ve put together the ultimate Facebook marketing checklist for this year and beyond.

1. Become a Page, not a Profile

Let’s stop trying to pretend that people want to be “friends” with our businesses. Besides, it’s easier, smarter, and considerably more professional to convert your Facebook profile into a business page. Your awaiting public will appreciate your efforts if you do so, trust me. As if you didn’t need another reason, there’s a great deal of better data access available on a Facebook business page.


Fundriaising Quotes

Saw this post from 101Fundraising and thought it worth sharing with you.

25 awesome fundraising quotes

Often we hear great quotes capturing the essence of the message. They are inspiring! They remind us of the important reasons why we work for charity and how we should do it, or how best practice would describe it…

In December I attended The Annual Lectures, where an awesome line-up of speakers was challenged to deliver their message in 30 minutes. This forced them to be to the point. And I heard some great quotes.

For example, in her session about ‘Storytelling’ Lauren Semplefrom Aching Arms reminded us of the power of a true and emotional story:

Life is not scripted. Conversations with our donors should not be either.

A heart-breaking message is hard to capture in a phone script. Sincerity gets lost and it might even result in not taking our donors serious. I love the idea. I love the quote.

Another one of my favourites was mentioned in the same session, by Ken Burnett:

There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation.

Everybody knows what this means and still many of us need to be reminded. That’s why I think this quote is both good and important.

I’ve asked around to fellow fundraisers lately and collected a good list of quotes and one-liners. Enjoy! Please add your own favourite underneath in the comments!

Martin Luther King didn’t get up 50 years ago and say: I have a budget and a plan! – Alan Clayton

If you call yourself Save the Whales, every once in awhile you have to save a whale. – Tom Ahern

The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions. – Donald Calne

It always seems impossible, until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela.

Read the full post here

Homeless Backpacks

We see homeless people almost everywhere we go, these people may be homeless for a variety of reasons, including choice (although I think this number would be low).

Social agencies are always looking for ways to gain support for their work with homeless people – and one couple from Tacoma, Washington, have come up with an inexpensive $20 homeless care kit that they hand out to people in need full of essential supplies like food and warm clothing. They make several of these kits a year to help the less fortunate.

Wouldn’t it be great to see this happening in more places, lets hope businesses and individuals will get behind this in their areas.

Hear about what the couple in Washington are doing here:  $20 homeless backpack care kit

What are your plans for 2014

What are your plans for 2014

I originally wrote this in 2011 after writing What are your plans for 2011 for Socialize Your Cause which was more about what plans charities and non-profits could be doing to help them plan for 2011.

I’ve updated this as the New Year fast approaches. Let’s look at what we as individuals are planning, or could do this year to help others in the community.

There’s many options for us when it comes to charity giving, in New Zealand alone we close on 27,000 registered charities looking for support; this doesn’t count the number of community organisations not registered with Charities Services that are also looking for support. But, being Kiwis we are generous and support many activities, people and organisations in the community.

So, where do we begin when looking at who, what and when to support? I guess one of the things we could do is look at why we support

Perhaps we should look at Not-for-profit – Giving Survey Results and how we handle charity requests both of which give an insight into what and why we support.

If you’re working with/for a non-profit, it’s important to have your plans laid out – spend the time, see it as an investment.

For those in the community that support non-profits, it’s not a bad idea to spend time thinking about your contributions, who and what you give to, the frequency, the amount of money or time given; are there things you want to do differently?

There have been stories over the years of families who sit down, and as a group decide what non-profit/s they will support, how they will do it. Some opt to give any money they would spend as a family on a holiday to a cause in their local community; others will put any money normally spent on children’s birthday parties to causes that benefit children.

No matter what or how you’re able to give – as part of your planning for the year ahead, grab a pad and pen and note what you’re wanting to achieve through your charitable giving.

We plan almost everything in our lives, so why not our giving?

Who or what will you support in 2014?

How will you support organizations in your community?

What if anything are your expectations in return for the support you give?

As a company will you involve your staff in the decision making of what causes/s the company will support?

Can you introduce the cause/s you support to others in your family, circle of friends, business or community associations?

All these and more questions will help you with your charity giving plans for the coming year … so, pick up that pen and paper and start your planning now!