Having an editorial calendar for your organization is a good thing, it’s part of your roadmap, part of your overall communications strategy.

If you don’t have an editorial calendar – grab pen and paper and start planning one.

It’s is worth taking the time to put together an editorial calendar for the year as part of your overall strategy

This helps ensure your communications are consistent, and reflect what you are doing – what your aims are.

As with all your other planning – a little more planning at the start of the year the year goes a long way.  

If you’ve had a calendar before, look at what has worked then rethink, adjust to ensure more success.

Think about your calendar/strategy and what has and hasn’t worked, as with everything else, adjust or stop doing what hasn’t worked and focus instead on areas that have worked.

I use simple editorial calendar, it gives dates, themes, and notes of what I’m going to publish.

Yours might be more complex, especially given you’re most likely wanting to keep not only your name, thoughts etc in peoples minds – yours will likely be – or should, include tie ins to campaigns, fundraising needs and the stories of those you helped.

If you haven’t put your editorial calendar together yet – get to, grab pen and paper – it’s easier, well I find it is, to start this way – you can type it up later. Why? Because if we start typing it up we get caught up in the format and lose time in the planning.


Pub Date Title Notes Status
  Editorial Calendar Why have one

It’s part of your yearly strategy



  Donors aren’t cash cows Don’t’ rely on current donors

They’re not your personal atm

  Numbers only give part of the story Don’t’ rely on numbers

Donors relate to people – to real stories







Your calendar can be as complicated or as simple as you like and can manage, the important thing is that you have one.

Magazines and newspapers always have an editorial calendar, why should you be any different?

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