Another good read – if you haven’t thought about your Facebook marketing for the coming year (and beyond) now’s the time to start – a quick read of Facebook Marketing Checklist for this Year and Beyond and you’ll soon be sorting out what you need and want to do.

Facebook marketing is a mystery to many businesses and professionals. Facebook is a seemingly unending portal of business opportunities. Yet, if you’ve left your brand’s Facebook presence unattended for a while, you are well aware just how quickly your brand can become lost in the sea of information and conversation on the world’s largest social media platform. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of social media, just read on, because I’ve put together the ultimate Facebook marketing checklist for this year and beyond.

1. Become a Page, not a Profile

Let’s stop trying to pretend that people want to be “friends” with our businesses. Besides, it’s easier, smarter, and considerably more professional to convert your Facebook profile into a business page. Your awaiting public will appreciate your efforts if you do so, trust me. As if you didn’t need another reason, there’s a great deal of better data access available on a Facebook business page.


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