A supporter leaves you something special in their Will, the gift is from the heart with the supporter wanting to leave something to perhaps remember them by, or something that will be meaningful to your organization.

But, what do you do down the track when you relocate, renovate or simply want a new look?

Do you store the item or relocate it when you upgrade facilities; or do you sell it?

Maybe it depends on the gift, the legal side of the gifting – was it something left for a specific purpose.

Perhaps the donor wanted to leave a lasting legacy, and wanted what they gifted to be a lasting legacy to you and the work of the organization.

If your organization can, would it contact family of the donor to discuss what would be the best thing to do, or would it simply do what it wanted without any thought for the meaning behind the gift?

From people I’ve spoken with it seems most would do what they saw fit, many said “a gift is a gift and we can do what we want”, is this the view your organization has? 

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