How many organizations can, should, an ambassador represent, is a question I’ve been asked lately. It’s a hard one to answer; is there a maximum or even a minimum?

When you hear of some who is the ambassador for several organizations, the immediate thought could be “impressive, this person really cares” – other thoughts could be “what, a charity whore”.

I guess it all depends on what physical work the ambassador is doing as to how effective they can be when they represent numerous organizations, there’s also the issue of confusion by supporters.

Imagine this an example– Mrs Brown, a well known identity in the community, is the ambassador of five organizations. She appears in the media speaking of the work being done, she’s seen at fundraising events and is well know for tapping into her networks for assistance for the causes she ‘represents’.

Sounds good? Yes and no. The general public are already challenged with who they should support, there’s so many organizations in need of help. When they see Mrs Brown in the news talking about XYZ charity one day, then a few weeks later talking about another organization – do they, remember who she represents, or do people only recognise Mrs Brown?

Some have suggested that the “brand” they see is Mrs Brown, not the organization/s.

Maybe that’s true, maybe Mrs Brown is all people can recall, hopefully not – but, with the many organizations angling for attention, it is quite likely the name of the organization will be lost by those seeing stories.

Who’s to say how many organizations a person can effectively represent, but surely there has to be a saturation point – it’s anyone’s guess as to what that is though.

Do you know how many organizations your ambassador/s represent?

Would your organization select an ambassador who represented multiple organizations?

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