I’m surprised, nah, I’m flabbergasted by the comment in a vlog by Marcus Lush about the recent Lifewise Big Sleepout in that it’s merely a photo opportunity. Really, come on Marcus, it’s a lot more than that.

Many people, myself included have participated to help raise awareness of the plight of the homeless in our community.

If I wanted a photo opportunity I could have run naked down Queen St or, become a radio personality.

The reason I and many other have participated in the Big Sleepout is to help raise awareness and, yes money to help those in need.

I could simply write a cheque send it off and hope that something would be done, but by participating I, and likely everyone else have helped raise discussion about the what can be done to help those in need. Those who have no choice but to sleep rough; participants gave up their warm, cosy beds, left their partner to shiver while they shivered in the cold to help others.

It’s not done to raise profiles of the individual participants – unlike perhaps your vlog – was that done as a grandstanding action or did you mean to put it out their to raise discussion, thus your own profile?

One must wonder.


2 thoughts on “The Big Sleepout wasn’t a photo op

  1. Thanks for responding to that Graeme. It was quite the insult for the many who are uber passionate about the cause – and who couldn’t have cared less how much publicity they received.

  2. And for those of us who have participated who have zero public profile and no interest in one, fundamentally wrong. But from someone who lives and breathes based on his public profile, youd have to admit Lush may have either a tongue in cheek OR no understanding of irony. But can I just say – Graeme, no naked runs down Queen Street, please. 🙂

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