Can Ambassadors spread themselves too thin?

How many organizations can, should, an ambassador represent, is a question I’ve been asked lately. It’s a hard one to answer; is there a maximum or even a minimum?

When you hear of some who is the ambassador for several organizations, the immediate thought could be “impressive, this person really cares” – other thoughts could be “what, a charity whore”.

I guess it all depends on what physical work the ambassador is doing as to how effective they can be when they represent numerous organizations, there’s also the issue of confusion by supporters.

Imagine this an example– Mrs Brown, a well known identity in the community, is the ambassador of five organizations. She appears in the media speaking of the work being done, she’s seen at fundraising events and is well know for tapping into her networks for assistance for the causes she ‘represents’.

Sounds good? Yes and no. The general public are already challenged with who they should support, there’s so many organizations in need of help. When they see Mrs Brown in the news talking about XYZ charity one day, then a few weeks later talking about another organization – do they, remember who she represents, or do people only recognise Mrs Brown?

Some have suggested that the “brand” they see is Mrs Brown, not the organization/s.

Maybe that’s true, maybe Mrs Brown is all people can recall, hopefully not – but, with the many organizations angling for attention, it is quite likely the name of the organization will be lost by those seeing stories.

Who’s to say how many organizations a person can effectively represent, but surely there has to be a saturation point – it’s anyone’s guess as to what that is though.

Do you know how many organizations your ambassador/s represent?

Would your organization select an ambassador who represented multiple organizations?

The Big Sleepout wasn’t a photo op

I’m surprised, nah, I’m flabbergasted by the comment in a vlog by Marcus Lush about the recent Lifewise Big Sleepout in that it’s merely a photo opportunity. Really, come on Marcus, it’s a lot more than that.

Many people, myself included have participated to help raise awareness of the plight of the homeless in our community.

If I wanted a photo opportunity I could have run naked down Queen St or, become a radio personality.

The reason I and many other have participated in the Big Sleepout is to help raise awareness and, yes money to help those in need.

I could simply write a cheque send it off and hope that something would be done, but by participating I, and likely everyone else have helped raise discussion about the what can be done to help those in need. Those who have no choice but to sleep rough; participants gave up their warm, cosy beds, left their partner to shiver while they shivered in the cold to help others.

It’s not done to raise profiles of the individual participants – unlike perhaps your vlog – was that done as a grandstanding action or did you mean to put it out their to raise discussion, thus your own profile?

One must wonder.


I dont’ want beggars – bullshit

Ok, maybe the header got you – fingers crossed it has, because this is a subject I’m furious about.

Recently Wellington City Council said it didn’t want beggars on its doorstep and instead would be installing donation boxes, Palmerston North council have also been discussing it, now the Auckland Council are looking at going down the same path.

One word that sums this up is bullshit.

Bullshit – why? Simple, there’s three professions that have been around since creation – design, prostitution and begging – yes, begging is a profession look at any charity putting their hand out – they’re doing nothing more than begging, they’re asking for help. No different really to the people we see on the street asking for a handout.

Sure, some will say church donation etc are different to begging, but are they really? I guess the only difference is that they’re not on the street asking – oops, but they are.

Next, no on should be in the position to ask for help, there’s Government help – um, lets go back to the heading Bullshit, or for those overly sensitive – bovine excrement.

Not everyone can get the help they need through Government help (read WINZ), not everyone who needs help has the required identification, address etc needed – so what are these people meant to do. Shop lift to live?

Sure, do away with begging, but will the Auckland and other councils foot the insurance bills of retailers who are left out of pocket? My guess is that, no, they want.

Instead of banning begging, all councils should be talking with all agencies in the area to see what can be done to help alleviate the need to beg. Is it more assistance to agencies helping those in need, is it more lobbying of central Government or is it working with local business to see if the local busisness community can help?

Oh, and why didn’t I hear about this stupid idea of the Auckland Council until today – mmm learn to communicate. There’s been nothing in your local news info, nor have I seen/heard anything on local TV/Radio – reach the people where they are.