Recently I’ve heard tales of people saying that street collectors don’t need to know much about the organization they’re collecting for, that being armed with brochures is sufficient. Is this enough to satisfy potential donors?

Some think that collectors don’t need any knowledge of the organization they’re collecting for other than the name and the basics of what the organization does; and simply having a brochure is sufficient for them to have for other information should donors wish to know anything more. Is this sufficient?

In my opinion I feel collectors should have more insight than merely name and the basics, they should have some insight into the amount needed to run the organization, the number of people etc the organization assists in a year etc.

Some organizations give collectors information sheets which cover most of what the typical donor may ask; others hold briefing sessions before collectors hit the streets – what does your organization do?

Sure, you don’t need to run a training session before your collection, but it’s important collectors have information available – even the phone number of someone they can contact should they need some help.

Does your organization take note of what collectors may say after the collection, such as “wish we had more information” – “people wanted to know blah blah” – if you do then great it means you can better arm them next time. If you don’t then how do you know what people are asking of the collectors.

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