“We won’t support New Zealand charities, our support can do more good overseas”

“We don’t know why we should support New Zealand charities, none have given us any real reason to support them”

These are two comments I’ve heard recently, and I’m now wondering how widespread these views are.

There’s the old saying that charity begins at home, but unless people feel there is a real need to support local causes they won’t, instead they’ll support those that they see and hear about more often, the one’s they perceive as doing greater good, and in all honesty if someone choses to support a cause outside of their country it is their right, we can’t and shouldn’t judge them for it.

We can’t judge people for their choice, we need instead to look at how local causes can better get their message across that they need help from the local community. 

Local causes, those who work in the country often don’t have the ability to run large scale campaigns to raise awareness or aren’t on the radar of media like the big international ones are – the larger ones have the means to keep their message out there, to tell their stories, to show what impact a few dollars could have helping others.

There are many local causes who are doing great things in the country, but unless they have the means to get their stories heard – they will be under the radar. 

No, this is not a beat up of local causes, quite the reverse.

We live in a global community, the world is one – whether you’re in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Asia, the UK – we are all part of the one community – the global community.

The choice to support a cause is a very personal one – and there’s no way I or anyone can tell people who they should or shouldn’t support.

Often people have said – why should I support XYZ, it’s the Governments responsibility – sure, in some respects this is right.
However, there’s a downside to that. If any Government were to channel funds to causes like some would suggest, where would they draw the line, how would it be funded, what would suffer as a result – the Government, any Government doesn’t have an endless supply of money. Ok, maybe they do – our taxes, but taxes only go so far, would you want a higher tax rate so as to enable your Government to support everyone? 

By giving to causes you’re helping – you don’t have to be contributing huge amounts, a little can go a long way; and every contribution does help.

Organizations need to find a way to communicate at a local level, sure there’s a resource issue, but by tapping into current supporters to help build a supporter base is one step that could be taken; who better to help get others on board than those already on board.

So, when are you going to start using your current supporters, your board to help grow your supporter base; to show those in your local area that their support is needed – that without them you can’t do what you’re doing?

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