Nonprofits are always on the hunt for businesses to connect with and gain as supporters; but it’s not as easy as picking up the phone or doing some online searches – some planning is needed.

Some questions need to be asked first –

  • What type of business is best suited to your needs
  • What type of business is least suited to your needs
  • Are your expectations for a short, medium or long term connection/commitment
  • Is it financial support or other support – if other, what other support could a business offer you

You MUST also think about what you can do in return for any support you gain from the business community. 

Connecting with, partnering with business must be seen as a two way street, you can’t simply expect to put your hand out and not give something in return.

The ways you can give in return could be as simple as profiling business supporters on your website and in newsletters.

But these are just the basics, what about hosting supporting business at an event, giving them an opportunity to talk about why they have connected with you, and to also talk about their business – give them the floor for five minutes, it’s the least you could do.

I’ve just finished reading a great blog from someone in the wine trade – Give in order to receive” and have to agree with the sentiment. 

Charities have to give in order to receive – it doesn’t have to take a lot, nor does it have to be a lot – but giving back is necessary.

Next time when you’re looking to partner with a business, think about how you can give back. 

Receiving is a two way street – a two way affair.



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