You work hard to get sponsors / funders on board, you shout from rooftops how great it is to have them supporting your work – but it shouldn’t, or more to the point it mustn’t end there.

Sponsors and donors are not ATMs – they support organizations because they believe in the work that they do, organizations need to understand and acknowledge this.

When a sponsor comes onboard there’s normally a big shout out about how wonderful it is to have them on board, that their commitment will help in so many ways – you add their details to your website and maybe some other collateral. All done.

No. It’s not all done, sponsors need to – actually, no they must be kept informed of what your organization is doing, how their support is helping you make a difference in the work you do. When was the last time you invited sponsors into your organization to have a look at your project – if you haven’t invited people who would be covered, you must invite them; they have a need and right to know.

Remember too that sponsors have connections that can help help your organization go further, by nurturing your sponsors they can become ambassadors for your organization, they are more likely to talk to like-minded people about the work you do, your needs and as a result you could find yourself with more people wanting to help.

If you don’t acknowledge sponsors, if you don’t invite them to see your work, if you don’t keep them updated on your work; the chances that they will stay with you and speak favourably about your work becomes less likely.

Pick up the phone and call a sponsor today and ask them to come for morning tea and see your work firsthand – remember, it is them that are helping you make a difference.

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