How often do you get the feeling people just “aren’t into you” – daily I’d guess, maybe it’s because they see you for what you are – an interruption.

As Katya says in Remember you are an interruption  “No one is sitting around with nothing to do, just waiting for our email or letter or ad.  They are busy.”   And it’s so true.

Often when talking with organizations I hear things like “we didn’t get the response we would expect” “we haven’t had the click throughs to our site we thought we’d get” “we haven’t gained anything from our last email” – it doesn’t take a scientist to work out why – it’s simple – you’re an interruption, no one is sitting waiting for you, they’re busy doing other things.

When I coach people in tele-fundraising I always suggest that they say “I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time … “ there’s a reason for this, anytime can be a bad time, but more than that, it leaves the door open for you to make another attempt. The same unfortunately can’t be said when using email or other communications means.

Set goals for your email and other campaigns, but be realistic – you’re not going to get a massive response unless people are expecting your communication, your email or other message, but you will get a response.

Something I suggest when organizations are doing an email campaign is to make sure it goes at a time you know recipients won’t be tied up with other things. Mondays are generally not too good, nor are Wednesdays – and forget Friday.

Also, remember to ask recipients if they’d could forward your message, plea for money or whatever else it is you’re send – to forward it to others they may feel would be interested, who knows someone may send it onto someone who if looking for an organization just like your to support.

Set goals – have a plan, and ask for help – don’t just send and cross your fingers, have a follow up planned, not the same week unless it’s really urgent, you don’t want to come across as being pushy.

And, remember to put yourself in the shoes of the people who are receiving your messages, would you like your message? 

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