Changed your brand, the look and feel of your organization and seen a drop off in donations? Maybe there’s to this article “Commercial-style branding does not work for charities“.

Perhaps that new look and feel you’ve given your organization is to blame, remember it’s not always about you – it’s about your supporters; if they don’t like something the potential is for them to walk – can you afford for that to happen?

When you’re looking at any changes to your organization, don’t only look to those in your organization for help or advice, ask your donors – they should be your go to guys/gals for input. If they don’t like something they’ll tell you from the outset, you can’t afford to wait until you show your changes to see what impact (negative) it could have.

If in doubt about what you’re doing, stop, get some of your supporters in to talk about what you’re proposing – it’ll only cost you some time and a cuppa, and could save you heaps.

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