Only a couple of days ago I was thinking how do people manage to keep new ideas alive, work toward implementing new ideas into their work; then I can across this from The Fundraising Funnel – “Making the most of your event inspiration“.

It’s all very good getting time away to attend conferences and workshops, but what’s the point if you can’t implement any of the ideas that you gleaned – in my mind there’s none, you might have just as well flushed the money you spent on it away.

We all can pick up something new, or maybe reignite an idea we’d long since shelved, anyone who attends anything and says they gleaned nothing must be in lala land, there’s always some takeaway, if not from the event itself then from interactions you’ve had with other attendees.

Have a read of “Making the most of your event inspiration” and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to try what’s suggested. As they say nothing ventured, noting gained – go on give it a go.


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