Having spent what could be hours reading donor – appeal – letters, and seeing many that have made me cringe; I thought I’d put the call out for examples of letter you may have received, or if you’re an organisation sending out letters – why not send me a sample or two of your own.

When I see letters that are all about the organisation and little if anything about the importance of donors I wonder where the authors head was. 

Telling stories in letters, showing how the donor helped, how the donors support is important, is important. Bragging that the CEO won some golf tournament, that the CFO had been to a conference in some exotic location doesn’t interest me, and I’m sure doesn’t interest most; it’s more likely to raise questions about the use of money donated.

Donors want to know where their support has helped, how they can help in the future – impacts that the organisation are having in their area of work are important, those are the stories to be using to engage and encourage continuing support from donors.

So back to my request – please if you have any letters you’re willing to share, please do – scan them, or if they’re an e-letter forward to me charitymattersnz@gmail.com.

What will I do with the letters, probably have a bonfire – no seriously, I want to see what’s out there, and from what I see I’ll include comment in an upcoming conference I’m speaking at on fundraising, and will also likely use some for a blog – or ten.

So if you have letters you don’t mind sending through – send to charitymattersnz@gmail.com by 10 October if you can – and thanks in advance.

Important – no personal information will be used in either the presentation or blog, you’re confidentially is guaranteed. 


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