Businesses want to connect with and support causes in the community, how they go about it and how organizations can help are many and varied, so before adopting a cause businesses should communicate with their staff and get thier input and buy-in.

There’s more to be gained from involving staff in the decision making process than there is to lose. Staff should be asked what causes they’re interested in, what is close to their heart. And organizations can help here by telling their supporters that they’re available to come to their workplace to talk about the work of the organization. 

Talk to staff about causes they’re interested in or support already

When talking with staff about charity support, take the opportunity to talk about payroll giving

You don’t only have to give financially, you can give time, service, product

Invite organizations to talk to your staff, let them tell their story

Support organisations for the ‘right’ reasons – don’t do it to look good

How will you show your support for an organisation?

Remember it is for the good of the organization  you choose to support, so talk about them, they work they do –  it’s not about you, supporting community causes doesn’t give you bragging rights. Kaore te kumara e whaakii ana tana reki (the kumara (sweet potato) never talks about how sweet it is.)

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