Having recently read “ College investors manage $250,000 investment fund ” in the  NZHerald , got me to thinking whatelse can we do to get youth to be interested in charities and the work that they do for many in our community.

One of the participants quoted in the article, year 13 trustee Zac Johns says 

“It provides an experience for all us of involved to learn about investing, trusts and markets. But it’s also about benefiting other people.

“Where we give the money and how we use our capital has far-reaching, flow-on effects.”

Sure, the students are learning about investing, but – they’re also learning how their efforts can help others. Imagine if we had a cluster of schools who all did the same as Dilworth, the possibilities for organisations, students and the wider community would be almost endless.

Other schools, students get involved in charitable activities, coin trails, mufti days and the like; but how many of these students carry out their philanthropic activities beyond the immediate cause they’re supporting?

Community organizations should partner with schools to foster students to remain active in the charitable sector.

We all know schools need their own income for activities, but perhaps by partnering with outside organizations schools can gain insights into how they can nurture students to help with funding issues their school may have.

Is your child’s school involved in community causes, how are they being shown what their efforts mean to the community? What more could your child’s school do to maintain, and grow the seed of giving? 

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