With many people already involved in volunteering in New Zealand, an estimated third of the population volunteer each year, are we in the same situation as Britain with a large proportion of the remainder of the population not knowing where, how to start volunteering?

At a guess I’d think we’re in a different situation, we talk about needs in the community often, we see and hear stories about youth doing great things in the community almost everyday which could open the minds of other youth to look at how they might get into some form of volunteer work.

Schools get behind community events and needs, and it’s assumed that this is talked about in the classroom, and is likely to inspire students to look at continuing helping in the community after they leave school, perhaps while still at school if they’re able.

What is your experience, understanding of volunteering and youth involvement, do we need to encourage more youth involvement, do youth know where and how they can volunteer?

If we have a low rate of youth volunteers what can we do to encourage more to give time to organisations in the community?


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