I’ve often wondered if organizations let staff know when they’ve received positive feedback online.

Recently I tweeted about great phone service, that the person I spoke to was bubbly and her voice was a clear indicator that she thoroughly enjoys what she is doing. In the tweet I mentioned the company, who responded favourably.

But the company didn’t stop there – they sent an email to the person acknowledging the positive feedback – Impressive.

Now I’m wondering how many of you are letting your staff know that the work they are doing is appreciated.

All too often we hear staff saying “I don’t feel appreciated” ” … why do I bother … ” and the likes; why is this, simple – it’s because you’re not showing your appreciation. Is it because you feel your staff are being paid – what more do they want? Hope it’s not, but I do know organizations like this – and these have high staff turnovers, yet don’t look to see why.

If an organization wants to prosper, to have a happy, healthy and stable workforce simple acts of appreciation are a good place to start.

A thank you at the end of the day or week doesn’t cost anything, but can have huge results, the same too with passing on positive feedback when you get it. 

It will go a long way to improving staff morale. 

Are you thanking your staff – if not start now.

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