A few times recently I’ve been pulling my hair out waiting for responses to emails, and now I’ve found out why some emails are going without acknowledgment for days – and it’s not because they’ve been caught in junk or spam folders.

It would appear that there are a number of organizations who use shared emails – info@ourorg, emails aren’t assigned to any one person – it’s email lottery, the first to see them may respond, or as would appear ignore them in the hope someone else will.

There are also organizations (nonprofit and commercial) who print out every email and hand them to the person responsible – waste of time, and money (paper and toner).

Surely there’s a way emails going through to one email address can be handled better.

Perhaps organizations who share a common email address should assign one person to check emails then allocate them to the person responsible for what they contain.

Folders could be set up for different people, with each person having to check “their” folder at least daily to ensure nothing is missed.

It’s not really rocket science to check emails and make sure someone has responded, but when one person only has full access then it can make it hard to know who has or hasn’t responded unless a scan of sent items is done. 

Do you share an email address with others, how do you manage this?


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