It’s all very well using shock tactics to get attention for your cause, but some shock tactics miss the mark, can cause insult and end up doing your cause more harm than good.

This is a good post from Future Fundraising Now which looks at some outlandish (stupid) campaigns …

Stupid nonprofit ads deserve to die

Some causes are harder to raise funds for than others. One of the toughest assignments is raising funds to help people who are perceived to have got themselves into their problem in the first place.

Lung cancer is in that category. Because of decades of successful anti-smoking marketing, everyone knows about the correlation between smoking and lung cancer. Some people have the attitude that those who have lung cancer “brought it on themselves” by smoking. Which is ridiculous.

I’m giving you what I assume was the brief for a campaign by the Lung Cancer Alliance The goal, I guess, was to encourage a more compassionate and sensible response toward lung cancer, which should lead to more financial support.

Let’s see how well it succeeds:

Click here for more on this story


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