No I’m not having a party, I’m not planning an event – what you’re invited to is to let me know what you’d like to see from this blog.

I’ve blogged on supporter acquisitionpayroll givingsocial media and much more, but there’s more I can do. 

The ideas haven’t dried up, far from it, I just think it’s fair to ask you – the reader – what you’d like to read.

Leave a a suggestion in the comments and I’ll start clicking the keys and write (where possible) what you ask for.

Don’t be shy – put your suggestions forward.

One thought on “You’re invited

  1. Hi GraemeIts always great to read your blog. I would really like to read more of all the wonderful community/other stuff you do from time to time. I think that largely goes unnoticed, considering you don’t blow your own trumpet. How about some case studies where you helped your clients and something that reflects your outstanding community spirit?Thanks!

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