Nonprofits need money there’s no denying that – but there’s more than money some of your supporters might be able to give, don’t discount offers of other assistance.

If your fundraising team is only focussing on the bank account, they’ve got it wrong, or maybe they’ve been given the wrong message. Support can and does come in all shapes and sizes. 

When looking for support it is important to look beyond the money.

When approaching a business for support, whether they’ve supported you before or not, and they can’t offer financial support, think about other ways they maybe able to assist you.

Accountants might be able to offer you services you need, so too Lawyers.

What about that business organization you’ve contacted – can they use their networks to help raise your profile?

Cold approaches are good and important, but you need to think on your feet – if you’ve called a shop and asked for support and they are unable to offer financial support but have shown interest in the work you do, why not ask if they can put something in their shop to ask others to support you, perhaps ask them if they would be willing to donate an item you could auction. Products are important too.

What about that household you’ve approached – they’re not only a household, they have interests and connections beyond the walls of the house. Everyone in that house has connections, can you ask them to talk to their friends, family, colleagues about the work you’re doing to raise awareness and potential support? Hell yes you can, and you should.

If you’re not thinking of other ways people can support you, you’re doing you and your organization a disservice, you are most definitely missing out on opportunities.

It’s time to change your thinking – you have nothing to lose – you have more to lose if you don’t!

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