Potential supporters have many organizations to choose from, and when researching who to support people will visit your website, is the information you have on it easy to follow; are your contact details easily accessible (and up to date)? 

Chances are your contact information is clear and easy to find – but what about your charity status, can people see that you’re a registered charity? 

In looking at a number of charity websites recently, many of which have only recently been update, there’s no reference to charitable status. 

A potential supporter wants to know that you are registered, that you’re a bona fide charity; if you are – show it. 

Supporters have enough to ‘research’ when it comes to their charitable giving, don’t make searching whether you’re registered another thing they have to do.

Show your charitable status with your other contact information, and in your FAQs too. 

Don’t forget to include it on your letterhead and in your email signature too. 

Wear your registration number with pride.


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