All too often we hear about donor fatigue and how organizations are suffering due to lack of cover for those using social media – is it really fatigue or is it the “ASK”.

When you hear about supporters who haven’t given, when you hear about potential donors who haven’t given – instead of labelling this ‘fatigue’ it’s wise to look at the ‘ask’ first – was the ask right, was the timing right – did you go back to regular donors who said ‘no’ and ask why?

Asking why regular donors are giving, or why you’re not getting new donors is important – it will help you remodel the way you ask, the methods available for people to give.

A company that sees a drop in sales doesn’t immediately blame the market, the economy, it will look at the offer, the staff, the ‘pitch’ – charitable organization must do this too.

Blaming external factors before looking at internal factors is a copout … harsh, yes, but unless organizations look at themselves first they have no real idea what the cause could be.

Sure, people have tightened their belts, they may have redirected where they’re giving their money … it happens, it’s a fact of life.

If your donors aren’t giving as they used to you owe it to them, and yourself to ask why.

Have you changed direction, are you doing something different, or is it the tone of your ‘ask’ that is putting people off?

Have you asked your donors lately about why they support you – this can help you gain new supporters, knowing why people give is important, likely more important than knowing why they don’t.

Don’t fall for the trap of always blaming outside influences, sure they may have an impact, but it’s important to know if it’s something you’re doing – or not doing that’s causing people not to support you.

Have you lost supporters, had trouble gaining new supporters and found a magic formulae to turn them around – would be great if you could share some thoughts on this below.

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