Although about sales, this can be relevant to almost any situation … 

The following is from a fallen sales hero.

Can’t sell on Monday. Everyone’s just back from the weekend and have lots of things to catch up on, meetings, reports etc . Tomorrow will be better for sure.

Can’t sell on Tuesday. More meetings, everyone’s out of the office. Tomorrow is going to be better.

Can’t sell on Wednesday. No one is going to make a decision on this with wages due, and the weekend only days away. I’ll just borrow money because I’ll make huge commissions next week to pay it back.

Can’t sell on Thursday. Who wants to focus on this with the weekend only two days away?

Can’t sell on Friday. Everyone’s taking a long morning/lunch break today. It’s the weekend. No problem. I’ll make better sales next week. There’s tons of opportunity out there.

Oh well, maybe next week will be better for sales.


Note: I wish I could remember who originally wrote this, I rediscovered in a folder from a course I did about 15 years ago.

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