As the population ages, and as other donors move on organizations need to look at ways of gaining younger supporters .

The ways this can be done are many and varied, but what we all know organizations have to get a younger generation on board . Sydney 

Kids in Philanthropy, will be involving children in all aspects of philanthropy guiding them through fundraising and the development of programs to help make a genuine difference to the lives of their peers living in Sydney’s disadvantaged suburbs.

In an article on Pro Bono Australia – KIP’s founder, Dr Catrion Wallace , said that instilling a sense of compassion and giving in children was a vital part of their development.

“Research shows a direct link between giving, good health and happiness,” Dr Wallace said.

“Yet we increasingly find kids in privileged suburbs have little involvement and awareness of how other children may live, even in their own city.”

We hear stories of some schools, children’s groups and individual children doing their bit to help organizations in the community, yet there are many children who don’t know about giving – who needs support, why support is needed or how they can give support.

Even adults who as children may have received support through community organizations don’t know how they can give, if they don’t then it’s unlikely their own children will have learned.

By educating and encouraging children to give not only are a new generation coming on board, but it’s highly likely that they will take what they learn home and talk with the parents – potentially inspiring parents to become more involved in the community.

How can we work with children and youth in our local communities to get them more involved – is it through schools, community groups (Scouts, Guides), churches or do we need to be looking at something like Kids in Philanthropy in our own area?

What are you doing to get kids, teenagers on board?
Have you heard of anything like Kids in Philanthropy in your area?

Please share your thoughts/comments.

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