We all know what social media can do, the positives and the negatives – sometimes it can be like walking a tightrope, a balancing act.

Being personable, being yourself is important, people want to engage with an individual not a hum drum corporate code of practice, but in being ourselves online we do run the risk of our reputation coming into question, or tarnishing the reputation others have of us. 

Whether a business, a community organization the same applies – “

Protecting your Online Reputation – Walking the Social Media Tightrope” Simpson Grierson say “Social media offers new and powerful opportunities to connect with customers and build brand but carries with it significant reputational risk. In this FYI we suggest some strategies for managing your online reputation and mitigating the risks of using social media” 

Food for thought in the article are around 

  • a damaging post on a lesser known blog site gets picked up by mainstream media. Once damaging material is available online, it becomes difficult to completely remove the material or references to it, leaving your organisation vulnerable to on-going or resurrected attacks years down the track;
  • dissatisfied customers engage in digital picketing to criticise, complain or leave negative reviews about your product;
  • protestors or activists hijack your organisation’s social media presence and use it to vent their criticisms;
  • current or former employees make offensive, derogatory or commercially sensitive remarks via your organisation’s social media channels;
  • your website inadvertently publishes or republishes defamatory content, potentially exposing your organisation to unwanted publicity or legal liability; or
  • “fans” on your Facebook page post comments about your products, attracting the attention of the Commerce Commission. 

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