When was the last time you asked your board to tell their own networks know about the work your organization does? Chances are it’s been a while, for some reason organizations forget that their board is more than a group who help with the ‘management’ of the organization, but are a valuable asset when it comes to gaining support and raising awareness.

The same goes for your supporters, they’re already onboard so are in an ideal position to help you spread the word about the work of your organization and help gain additional support through their networks.

If an organization isn’t harnessing its resources, the board and current supporters – they’re likely making things harder for themselves than need be.

People who are already involve have almost an emotional attachment and are perfect to be tapped into to help solicit support financial and in-kind as well as helping to raise awareness.

Most organizations struggle to gain new support – it’s a fact of life. To gain new support takes effort, time and money and, if you’re lucky you may gain some support – but it’s a small return on the investment to gain them.

But if a concerted effort were put into utilising current supporters the amount of resources needed could be substantially less.

Current supporters already have some attachment and so the possibility that they will go that extra mile and help. All that is needed – is they need to be asked to help.

If organizations were transparent and openly asked their supporters for help, it’s likely it will come, sitting back and hoping they’ll help won’t achieve anything.

Think of business models where people are paid a ‘finders fee’ for introducing new people, these businesses do it because they know they’ll get a return asking, and they know it costs a lot less pay a ‘fee’ than using others methods (telemarketing, advertising, direct mail).

What organizations need do is have a call to action, a plea on all communication (email, newsletters) they have with their supports – this can be as simple as, “please help us by sharing this with your family, friends and work colleagues.”

Organizations have “donate now” on websites, “txt 246 to donate” for mobile campaigns – so why not have “share now” on all other communication?

If you are supporting an organization and they haven’t asked you to help share what they’re doing, tell them you want them to start asking people to “share now”.

If you are an organization will you now start saying “share now” and get your current supporters to share what you’re doing with their own networks?

What have you got to lose?

“Share now” – forward this with your network.

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