This maybe out of the UK, but it’s worth a read given that Twitter is like all other social media – global, maybe it’s too soon to know if this is the case in New Zealand, but it’s worth storing the information away ready for when you’re planning your next campaign.


Twitter users most generous charitable donors on social media Facebook users give to charity more often but Twitterers are more generous, new research suggests. 

Data compiled via charitable website JustGiving suggests that Tweeters give £30, YouTube viewers give £28 and people on Facebook £18.

LinkedIn users averaged £25 while users of the new Google+ social network currently donate an average of £17.77. 

JustGiving claim that “social giving, or donating to charity as a result of a call to action from social media, has increased exponentially over the past year, with Facebook the core driver”. Donations driven from Facebook make up over a quarter of all donations made on JustGiving in September 2011 – a rise of 130 per cent over the past year, while by comparison

Twitter currently drives less than 1 per cent. JustGiving estimates that by 2015, Facebook will be responsible for up to 50 per cent of all online donations.

Read the full story here


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