Often we hear people talking about how much money a charity raises, how they’re spending it on, and how well paid management are – people are concerned about where their money goes.

There is no dispute that those working in and running charities need to be paid, that they should receive fair rates for the work they do, but the problem is some in the sector seem to be earning above what others are earning for a comparable role in the business community. Then there are those who earn substantial bonuses and other “compensation”.

When you hear of a people earning well over quarter of a million in salary, then bonuses, it makes you wonder if the money being given is being used for the purposes for which it is given. Surely this has to raise questions in the minds of those giving, and reinforces the need for charities to be open about where the money goes.

Accounts furnished with statutory bodies only show what the organization wants to show, a little creative accounting, organizational structuring can hide what some may not want the public to see.

Charities need to be mindful of how they’re perceived, if the wrong impression is given people may vote with thier wallets and donate elsewhere.

How is your organization perceived, are you mindful of how you look to those supporting you?

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