Remember the times you’ve repeatedly seen something, a style of dress, a television ad, a colour of car, any number of things; then it becomes ‘ordinary’ nothing special – you don’t notice it any anymore, you switch off.

Can the same happen in the nonprofit sector, can organizations be too visible that people switch off, making it harder for the organization to be seen, heard and supported?

Perhaps it could pay for an organization to go invisible, go under the radar for a period of time, perhaps only a month or so – it doesn’t have to be a anything more, just a period of time to ‘test the theory’.

Why the suggestion – it came about in a general conversation that turned to attitudes to giving and how people may perceive organizations that are constantly in the public eye, yet are ignored, that people may have switched off. That some may now shrug their shoulders and say to themselves ‘oh, them again’.

Brand managers, and those who have responsibility for keeping a brand visible will likely have a field day with this proposition, so lets see what thoughts are out there about the idea that people switch off and organizations suffer from being too visible.

Lets answer the question. 
Is it possible that an organization could gain more awareness by lowering their visibility for a period and ‘re-emerge’ – would it be likely that people would notice them more?


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