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Since payroll giving was introduced, nearly $4 million has been donated directly from a growing number of peoples’ pay to their favourite charity or donee organisation. Read more



Since 7 Jan 2010 when Payroll Giving became an option, around $2 million has been given this way, is this a lower level of take up than was to be expected; from feedback received it would appear it is, at least from charity point if view. 

There is likely several reasons for the low uptake:

· lack of understanding on the part of employers 

· lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of employees 

· lack of promotion as a way to give by charities

There are likely other reasons, but for now we’ll focus on the points above. 

If employers are uncertain about how payroll giving works and how it can be implemented and promoted in the workplace how are employees going to get involved. 

There’s also the possibility that some employers may have only advised staff about the opportunity to give through payroll giving for organizations that were close to the heart of the company, thus making staff feel that they were the only options, therefore not giving staff the opportunity to support their chosen causes. 

With about 794,000 people in employment being committed givers (ie: making regular contributions of time or money to causes that are important to them), you would think that the amount being given through payroll giving would be higher than the current figure. 

It could be that people are still unsure about how payroll giving works, or it could be other factors – perhaps people are giving to their chosen causes already and don’t want to change they way they are giving, or are there other reasons? 

The (New Zealand) Charities Commission website has a wealth of information on payroll giving which organizations should be taping into to help them promote payroll giving as an option to supporters. Likewise employees could be accessing this information to help their employers learn and accept payroll giving in the workplace. 

Anyway that improves, makes it easier for supporters to give will help ensure they are active and regular givers to causes – if we’re already supporting a cause through payroll giving, we should be telling others about it.    

As a cause are you actively promoting payroll giving as a way to donate?

Are you giving through payroll giving?

Is your workplace active in payroll giving?


One thought on “Payroll Giving In New Zealand

  1. Thanks for the comment Kat. When Payroll Giving was first rolled out IRD sent some information to companies advising them of it, payroll system companies added payroll giving functionality – but all of this means nothing unless staff know they can give direct from their wages.I’ve spoken this week with several companies who had no idea they could offer payroll giving to their staff – they have said that with their next wage notifications to staff they will be included information about payroll giving :)I’m really pushing charities I have relationships with to ensure they are up to date with using this as a way people can donate, that they include information on their websites and other comms tools.Fingers crossed next time I look into giving information I’ll see more people have taken this up as a great way to give. I’ll keep you posted.

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