How do you share your Annual Report? 

Recently I contributed “Annual Reports – Print or Online” to the 101Fundariaing blog, have a read, I’m interested to know your comments, how you share your report and what your current (and prospective) supporters want.

Annual reports and how they’re distributed should be included in your annual communication plan and not left until the report is due to be released, which sadly can be the case in many organizations.

Supporters, current and potential, want to know about your organization, they want to know what you have been doing, where the resources have been allocated and they don’t want to have to wade through reams of paper to get the answers.

With internet being widely used it makes sense for organizations to make use of it to share not only what they do, but also share their annual reports and much more.

Perhaps you don’t want to upload the entire report, that’s ok, you can upload highlights from the report:
Executive Summary

It’s all part of being open, accessible and giving your supporters what they want.

Read full blog here

While we’re looking at Annual Reports it’s worth having a look at 6 New Ideas for Your Next Annual Report, which talks about what you could include in your report:

Explain Your Programs In an Infographic
Use an infographic to explain in a visual way how a beneficiary/client encounters your work and the process they go through by participating in your programs.

Show Cause and Effect Images
Think about creating an image timeline of a beneficiary. Take a page and devote it to a group of people you helped and show several images of them with pull quotes describing the various interventions of your programs. One photo is great; several showing that beneficiary change is impactful.

Describe Your Future Needs
Yes this is an annual report, but you have an opportunity to talk about how your past work builds upon what you need this year.

Use a Map
Create a map detailing the scope of your work. Even if you are local or neighborhood based grassroots organization, create a map that shows where the people are that you serve.

Make It Come Alive with Video
Within the report use still clips of videos they can find online. Throughout the document use the clips and quotes from videos to tell the story of your impact. This is a great opportunity to pull the individual to your site and view the complete video online.

Think Social
Incorporate what your followers and friends are saying about your work. Highlight tweets, posts, and other social media content in the annual report. Place these next to event photos, impact pictures, and other images showing the organization’s role in the community.


How will you share your next annual report, and what will you include in it?

As a supporter what do you want to see in the next annual report from the organization you support?


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