We all need goals, without them we’re on an aimless journey; what goals do you have for the year ahead? The following are some ideas you could look at as part of your communication, supporter acquisition and other goals for the year.

Communicate – make February the month you will communicate with your supporters, they want to know what you have planned for the year. Update them about what you achieved in the previous year, and how this will help you in moving forward in the current year.

Needs Analysis – have you done a needs analysis to ascertain what resources you need to help you fulfil your goals and functions for the year ahead? Now is the time to set about preparing one, what resources will you need, who will you call on, are staff up to speed, all manner of your function can and, should be covered.

Annual Report – if your financial year end is 31 March, there’s no reason why you can’t start planning your annual report while your accounts are with the accountant or auditor. Think about how you will share you annual report, what information apart from the financials will you include, remember you supporters want to know more than the numbers. See Annual Reports – Print or Online.

Your community – spend time in your community, share your vision with current supporters at informal gatherings and, remember to invite potential supporters to come along and learn more about your organisation.

Social media month – make time this month to do a social media ‘cleanse’. Go through all your connections and see who, what your connecting with that is not adding value.

Now is an ideal time to also review your social media strategy and policies, are they working, do they need tightening?

Internal look – take time this month to take a look at your systems and procedures, are they working, what needs updating?

Have you conducted a staff review recently, are staff (and volunteers) doing what’s expected of them, are they all being rewarded adequately for the work they do?

Fundraising – set some time aside this month to look at your current fundraising methods, are they working, would needs to change, are there other avenues you could be exploring?

Remember to look at grant application deadlines, your presentation techniques could also be reviewed at this time.

Brainstorm – invite a group of current and potential supporters to an informal get together to talk about why they support and help grow your supporter base – see “Use focus groups to move forward”.

Using brainstorm sessions can help clear your mind and they definitely bring an outside perspective to how you could change to gain new support.

Beneficiary month – spend time with those your organisation supports, gather information direct from people who benefit from what you do,

Ask people if they’d like to be included in your next newsletter, a video, blog or other communication – what better way to tell your story than through the words of the people you help.

End of year planning – not long now and the year will come to a close.

Start planning what you will do at years end, will you hold an event to celebrate your achievements, will you be sending gifts/cards to supporters?

Now’s the time to also start communicating with your supporters about what you have planned in the new year and, remember to let them know how appreciative you are of their support.

Christmas party – are you holding a party? What theme will it take. It may be the end of the year, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop, there are lots of things that can still be done before the curtain comes down on the year, start your goal calendar for the coming year. 

Goal set and plan – set about building your own goals, targets and wishes for the year. Involve staff, supporters and other stakeholders – get buy-in for everything you do. Remember too that by including others in this process you will find the task easier and will likely come up with other goals you may not have otherwise thought of.


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