You have invited supporters to give regularly, they are giving every month via direct bank transfer; but how often are you communicating with them? 

If you are giving on a regular basis to your chosen charity through direct payments, are you hearing from the organizations you are giving to?

A sad reality is that some organizations work hard to get supporters but seem to forget to keep them informed of work being done, of projects completed, and how their support has helped. 

We know the likes of World Vision and Red Cross & the likes do keep all supporters up to date with what they are doing but there are a number of smaller organizations who seem to have forgotten that they need to be doing it. 

Supporters give because they believe in the work you do, for their hard earned contribution don’t the deserve hearing what you have been doing with “their” funds? 

A regular newsletter or other update to your supporters is necessary, how else do they know what you are doing? 

There are people who give on a regular basis who may not care, they just want to give – that is fine, but the vast majority of your supporters are likely to want to know. 

Are you giving directly to a charity on a regular basis – what updates are you getting? 

When was the last time you updated all your supporters about the work you have been doing and, what you have planned for the coming month, quarter or year? 

Charities or anyone working in the community cannot just take the money, get on with the work they do and not be expected to tell supporters. 

These organizations already have to advise Government agencies, Charities Commission, IRD, their boards and others – so why not also be telling supporters. 

Your supporters want to know – tell them, do not leave it for them to have to ask – this could see them withdraw their support, can you afford for them to do that? 

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